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Milwaukee Emergency Center for Animals is Wisconsin’s 24 hour Veterinary Animal Hospital Specializing in Critical Care and Pet Emergencies

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Meet Our Team

The Milwaukee Emergency Center for Animals and Specialty Services (MECA) is dedicated to providing the highest quality emergency and surgical care to small and exotic animals.

Animal First Aid & CPR Course

Sign up for our space-available classes, which enable pet owners to prevent accidents and administer life-saving care, as well as learn disaster preparedness techniques.

Pet Behavior Therapy

Pet behavior tips and advice for dogs and cats, by Animal Behaviorist, Dr. Manette Kohler, DVM.

  • Puppy Socialization
  • Canine Noise Phobias
  • Mouthing in Puppies
  • Feline Social Systems
  • Cognitive Disorder Syndrome

MECA Newsletter

Recent newsletter topics include:

  • Pet Dental Care
  • Cats and Asthma
  • Dangers of Plastic with Iguanas
  • Lyme Disease and Dogs
  • Canine Obesity

Milwaukee Emergency Center for Animals

Recent News and Happenings

4TH Annual MECA VEST A K-9 Event is a HUGE Success!

4TH Annual MECA VEST A K-9 Event is a HUGE Success!

Local Celebrities and Communities Make the 4th Annual MECA Vest A K–9 Fest a Success    Milwaukee, WI, July 21, 2015- This year‘s MECA Vest A K–9 Fest was the most successful yet! Celebrities from all over Wisconsin came to support their... read more


MECA Wisconsin Police Canine Vest Foundation, Inc ( MECA Foundation) would like to thank all of the sponsors who have come on board for the 2015/4th Annual MECA VEST A K-9 FEST! Top tier sponsors this year include: Flat Rate Home Services , Flat Rate Fox Cities,... read more

MECA Services

Anesthesia Services

Monitoring is important to detect any possible problems early and take action, when necessary. We use several methods to monitor the condition of an animal while it is under anesthesia.

Animal Dentistry

Board certified veterinary dental specialists are trained to evaluate genetic as well as acquired problems.

Behavioral Therapy

Dr. Manette Kohler, Milwaukee ER for Animals’ expert Pet Behaviorist  has started taking appointments,

Blood Donation

There’s a terrible shortage of animal blood right now. We urgently need owners of healthy cats and dogs to consider bringing their animals in to become potential blood donors.

Critical Care

MECA specializes in the care of patients whose conditions require 24 hour monitoring and treatment, through our Wisconsin’s Emergency Vet Animal Hospital ER Team in our state-of-the-art Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Diagnostic Imaging

Barium Radiographs, Radiographic Contrast, Cystogram or Urethrogram, Echocardiography, Endoscopy, Radiography and
Specialized Ultrasounds services available.

Emergency Assistance

A veterinarian who treats emergencies, treats an acute illness or injury that can pose an immediate risk to a pet’s life or long-term health.

Epidural Injection
When deemed appropriate, a doctor at the Milwaukee Emergency Center for Animals may administer a type of anesthesia called epidural injection.
Exotics Care

For rare pets and exotics, we provide many of the same services that we offer to traditional pets.

General Examinations

We are always open with doctors in the building, so your pet can be seen at any time of the day.


Hospitalization Services are provided through our Emergency Vet Animal Hospital in Milwaukee.

In-House Laboratory

MECA provides the following general and specialized lab tests for animals in our care, our clients and DVM referrals to our leading Emergency Vet Animal Hospital Milwaukee by other clinics/veterinarians.


The Milwaukee Emergency Center for Animals can provide major and minor emergency veterinary hospital surgery.

Therapeutic Massage & Rehabilitation

The Milwaukee Emergency for Animals is now working with world-renowned Dr.Pedro Rivera and Michelle Rivera, MT, VDT from the Healing Oasis Wellness Center to introduce a new Therapeutic Massage and Rehabilitation Program for pets.

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