It’s that time of year again. Football’s biggest game is about to happen and with that comes the parties! Wings, beer, and other fun foods will be all around for you and your guests. But be careful! These wonderful foods are great for humans, but could be poisonous or dangerous for your pets!

  • Wings – Chicken wings are a staple during football games. These tasty treats are actually very enticing to your pets, as well. However, the small, easily broken chicken bones can really hurt your furry friends. The small, sharp shards of bone can puncture your pet’s GI tract, and those sauces are sure to upset their little stomachs.
  • Beer – A common misconception is that dogs and other pets are perfectly fine if they accidentally drink a little bit of beer. Unfortunately, even a small amount of beer can prove fatal. It’s best to keep these drinks far away from your animals. However, if you really want to have a special drink for your dog, they actually make pet-friendly beers, not for human consumption!
  • Nuts – It’s perfectly normal to have a bowl of nuts lying around for your guests while they watch the Big Game. Just be careful because not every nut is safe for your pets. Walnuts are toxic to a dog’s health. It’s best to do your research before putting out a bowl.

These three items are far from the only potentially harmful foods served around game time. If you are planning a party and aren’t able to constantly monitor your pet’s behavior, it’s best to research and understand which foods are best to keep away from your furry friend.