A recent article talked about how children prefer their pets to their siblings. The idea is crazy, but it’s true. Studies show that children just really love the companionship and friendship that a family pet provides. However, there are other tangible benefits of raising your child around pets.

Healthier Kids!

In a recent study in the Pediatrics Journal, scientists found some amazing things in regards to children’s health with pets. The study focused on children who live with pets during the first year of their life. They found that those children are 31% less likely to have respiratory tract infections. They also were 44% less likely to have ear infections and 29% less likely to need to use antibiotics during that first year.

Those are some incredible stats!

Smarter Kids!

Another lesser-known fact is when you surround your child with pets, they tend to learn better and read at a higher level. That is, if you incorporate your family pet into study habits.

In an US study, it was found that programs that include children reading to dogs leads to increased comprehension and reading ability due to the dogs level of attention. In another study, 53% of children say they enjoy doing their homework more when they have their pets nearby.

Adopt A Pet!

For parents concerned about the responsibility of adopting an animal with their children should understand the benefits associated with having a family pet. It’s clear that pets add a wonderful element to families!