Pets & Vets Podcasts

The Pets and Vets Podcast is a service dedicated to informing pet owners about the dynamic changes in veterinary medicine. Doctor Lichtenberger, as well as the other doctors at MECA share responsibility for updating MECAs listeners on a great variety of veterinary topics. Listen to the programs below to learn about diseases and infections, aging and elderly dogs, euthanasia, outdoor threats, exotics, overweight pets and important advances in veterinary medicine.

Infections — Doctor Carolyn Jochman discusses how pet owners can protect themselves from animal-transmitted diseases.

Aging Pets — Doctor Marla Lichtenberger discusses why animals are living much longer lives, and the healthcare consequences associated with it.

Elderly dog’s breathing patterns — Paying attention to your dog’s breathing patterns can help identify common, treatable conditions among larger, older dogs. Surgeon David Brdecka explains what the problems are and how to fix them.

Euthanasia — Dr. Jochman talks about the difficult part of her job and the saddest part of any pet owner.

Outdoor Pet Threats — Dogs will eat just about anything, which means owners have to be very cautious when they’re outside.

Exotics — Dogs and cats are far from the only pets people own these days. Any interest in owning a tiger?

Veterinary Medicine Advances — The explosion of specialty care means better care and longer lives for pets.

Crazy Cases — Just about everything turns up in the ER. Tune in for a sampling at MECA.

Heavy Pets — Pets are also facing the battle of the bulge, and it’s not good for their health, either.