With exotic pets gaining in popularity and the internet making it easier than ever to purchase exotics, MECA remains steadfast in advocating the need for pet owners to schedule preventative healthcare checkups with their regular veterinarian.

“From proper nutrition and teeth cleanings to nail trimming and annual vaccinations, all exotics, regardless of species should have standard veterinary checkups,” said Dr. Lichtenberger , DVM, DACVECC, owner of MECA. “Many pet owners just don’t realize the essential needs of their exotic pet when it comes to their health and wellness . It doesn’t take long for an exotics’ illness to become life threatening,” added Dr. Lichtenberger.

Birds, sugar gliders, reptiles, hedge hogs and other exotics continue to find their way to the Milwaukee Emergency Center for Animals (MECA) in need of emergency and critical care. “t doesn’t have to be this way,” noted Dr. Lichtenberger.

“It’s very important that people who pursue exotics as pets do their homework by finding a veterinarian who is experienced in exotics and learning proper care for that kind of pet.,” underscored Lichtenberger.

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