Management Team

Ann Kirby, Practice Manager
Ann Kirby, Receptionist

Ann has been in the veterinary field for 5 years. She has been involved with exotic bird rescue for many years and is a Certified Avian Specialist. She enjoys working closely with the clients and their pets. Her own pets include a Siberian Husky/St. Bernard mix, a St Bernard and several macaws and cockatoos.

De’Andre White, Chief Operating Facilitator

De'Andre White, Chief Operating Facilitator

De’Andre White is our Chief Operating Facilitator.  His past positions include Floor Technician and Technician Supervisor.  De’Andre studied at the Tuskegee University where he focused on Business Management courses and was a team leader for 10 years. De’Andre is most interested in the critical care aspect of animal emergency services and has a Pitbull named Buddha.

Debra A. Lopez, Public Relations

Debra Lopez Public Relations is one of  Milwaukee’s top PR firms and Advertising companies assisting businesses and individuals with publicity, advertising, marketing, product launches, Digital Content Marketing Strategy including SEO, SEM, DCM, social media, videography and more.  As an Entrepreneuer, Debra brings the skills and expertise of Media Marketing/Media Branding, Strategy and Brand Positioning, Product Launches, Press Release Writing, Business Consulting, Advertising Campaigns, PR Campaigns, Event Planning/Support and more.