Regular Vet Check upsIt breaks our hearts because we know that many of the illnesses we see daily in our emergency clinic could have been diagnosed earlier and even prevented. Just as it is with humans, it’s crucial for people to bring their pets to their veterinarian for routine checkups at least once a year. With regular checkups, you can extend the life of your pet and save costly veterinary bills down the road.

Overall Health

A yearly check-up helps the overall health of your pet. The doctor will check for any signs of health issues. They can do their dental cleaning. Also check to make sure their skin and coat is doing okay, as well as their weight. These are all simple things to check, and if there are any problem signs, they can be taken care of before they become super costly.

Unusual Behavior

When you’re at the vet during your regular visit, it’s the perfect time to mention those behaviors that you’ve noticed. Maybe your dog is biting, chewing excessively, barking, etc… Those issues can be talked about during your visit. Your vet can give you helpful tips, and maybe refer your to a wonderful behaviorist.

Early Detection

Having your pet go through a full examination at least once a year is a great way to detect any illnesses. Even though you may not notice anything different with your pet, your veterinarian will be able to see those early signs you might have missed. And if anything out of the ordinary is noticed, tests can be done, and an early diagnosis will be made. This can lead to a much better outcome for your pet.

Senior Health

Just like humans, senior pets need extra help too. Aches and pains that they may be feeling are things that your vet should take a look at. Any odd bumps or behaviors are worth mentioning. Overall, you should make sure that as your pet ages, they see the vet more and more frequently. And if your vet asks to see your pet sooner than every year, don’t worry! That’s normal!