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Animal Blood Donation

Animal Blood DonationSick people aren’t the only ones who need blood and blood donation to recover from illness and injury. So too, do Man’s best friends. There’s a terrible shortage of animal blood right now. We urgently need owners of healthy cats and dogs to consider bringing their animals in to become potential blood donors. “True animal lovers will make the effort to help because I can guarantee you that their generosity will lead to saved lives!” Dr. Marla Lichtenberger, Founder of Milwaukee Emergency Center for Animals (MECA).

Donations may be made every 2 to 3 months, and each pet receives one free health exam and full blood work-up per year. In addition, there is a $25 hospital credit given for each donation.



Blood Donation Inquiry Form

We would love to speak with you about the donation of blood by your dog or cat. Please use the form below:

Blood Donation Inquiry Form

Criteria for Animal Blood Donation

The criteria for pet blood donation is as follows:

  • Cats and dogs must be under age 7 and healthy
  • Dogs must weigh more than 50 pounds
  • Cats must weigh more than 10 pounds