Specialized Ultrasound

Milwaukee Emergency Center for Animals (MECA) utilizes several key types of ultrasound, which include abdominal ultrasounds and echocardiograms, in addition to we generically call “quick look.” We also provide a specialized type of ultrasound called “two cavity ultrasound,” which is most often provided as a less-costly alternative to a CT-scan.

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Abdominal Ultrasound

An abdominal ultrasound is often performed to make a diagnosis without surgery or other invasive means. One common problem that an ultrasound may be used to diagnose is the cause of vomiting in a dog or cat.

The procedure is similar what most expectant mothers experience as their fetus develops in the womb. Ultrasound diagnostic devices use ultrasonic waves. They are “bounced” off of internal structures and the resulting images are displayed on a monitor, such as the one shown in the photo to the right.

“Two Cavity” Ultrasounds

Two-cavity ultrasounds are ultrasound images taken of both the abdomen and chest cavities. They are often used to diagnose conditions and illnesses that involve both regions of an animal.

“Quick Look” Ultrasounds

  • Barium Radiographs
  • Radiographic Contrast
  • Cystogram/Urethrogram
  • Echocardiography
  • Endoscopy
  • Radiography
  • Ultrasound, Abdominal
  • Ultrasound, Echocardiogram
  • Ultrasound, Two Cavity