Emergency Assistance

A veterinarian who treats emergencies, treats an acute illness or injury that can pose an immediate risk to a pet’s life or long-term health.

An emergency in veterinary medicine is anything that requires immediate attention due to an acute illness or injury or an acute exacerbation of a chronic illness or injury. An emergency is also anything that a pet owner is concerned about and would like to rule out any serious or potentially life-threatening problems. If you are concerned enough, it is an emergency, even if simply for reassurance.

When we think of emergency vet medicine we think “hurry up”, stabilize the patient, perform appropriate diagnostics, initiate therapy and wait for tests or response to therapy or possibly transfer to the ICU for pet critical care monitoring.


Examples of Emergencies:

• Trauma
– hit by car
– burns
– bite wounds
– crush injury
– head trauma
– heat stroke
• Sepsis
• Congestive Heart Failure
• Acute hepatic failure

• Respiratory failure
– Pneumonia
• Ocular emergencies
• Toxin ingestion
• Foreign body ingestion
• Immune-mediated diseases
• Coagulopathies
• Urethral/urinary obstruction

• Effusions
– abdominal
– pleural
– pericardial​
• Status epilepticus
• Chemotherapy reactions
• Near-drowing
• Envenomation
– Spider
– Snake
– Bees