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Milwaukee ER for Animals (MECA), 24-Hour Animal ER Hospital Pet Emergency Vet Surgery Services Milwaukee and Greenfield, Wisconsin
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Milwaukee ER for Animals (MECA), 24-Hour Animal ER Hospital Pet Emergency Vet Surgery Services Milwaukee and Greenfield, Wisconsin

24-Hour Emergency Animal Hospitalcritical care veterinarian clinic offering exceptional animal care. Milwaukee Emergency Center for Animals (MECA) specializes in 24-hour pet care services and surgical procedures. Milwaukee Emergency Center for Animals is Milwaukee’s emergency vet and small pet hospital, located at: 3670 South 108th Street, Greenfield, Wisconsin, 53228
Phone: 414-543-PETS (7387)

Milwaukee Emergency Center for Animals is Wisconsin’s premier 24-hour veterinary animal hospital, Milwaukee for critical pet ER and the leading provider of veterinary surgery services.
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Marla Lichtenberger, DVM, DACVECC

Lindsey Foster, DVM
Dr. Foster comes to MECA from the Eastern Maine Emergency Veterinary Clinic in Brewer, ME.

Dr. Foster received her education and training at St. Matthew's University of Veterinary Medicine and received her clinical education at the University of Minnesota.

Dr. Foster has always loved animals and is most interested in Emergency, Soft Tissue Surgery and Critical Care.​​​​
Mike Shimon, DVM
Dr. Shimon has been practicing as a small animal clinician in the greater Milwaukee area since 1994. He has an interest in critical care medicine, soft tissue surgery and exotic animal medicine.

​​Dr. Shimon especially appreciates the privilege of communication and interacting with clients and their animal's medical care.

​​Lastly, Dr. Shimon enjoys the positive learning environment and camaraderie with his colleagues and the hard working staff at Milwaukee Emergency Center for Animals.

Dr. Shimon received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at The University of Wisconsin​​.

Cecile Resop, DVM
Cecile Resop graduated from the University of Wisconsin School of
Veterinary Medicine and did her internship in emergency medicine in Virginia Beach.

​​ She missed the deep snow and frigid winters of Wisconsin,
however, and has begun working at the Milwaukee Emergency Center for Animals.

​​In her spare time she is finishing a master's in public health and
working on the family farm, with breaks to shoot arrows at hay bales.

Jamie Donahue, DVM
Dr. Donahue has always had an interest in animals, nature and wildlife. In 1998 he took an undergrad in wildlife/biology then went on to live in California for a couple of years to research wildlife.

​In 2006 he made the decision to pursue his passions for veterinarian medicine. It is then that he moved to Grenada and went to the University of St. George from 2006-2010.

​​Dr. Donahue has worked in day practice however enjoys emergency medicine. He currently live in Madison,WI He has 2 dogs; a Coonhound named Walter and the other is an English Lab named Daisy.