Winter Tips for Dog OwnersIt’s that time of year in Wisconsin. Cold weather has hit and it doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon. When it’s cold and snowy, it’s still important for your dog to get exercise. Don’t let the weather limit the amount of fun your dog can have!

Here are some quick ideas to help keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated in the cold winter months:

1) Indoor Obstacle Course

It’s crucial to have your dog burn off energy while inside. Since your furry friend won’t have the chance to spend tons of time outside, you need to make them work harder inside. Setting up a quick obstacle course is a great way to help your dog get out some energy doing everyday things. Make your dog work a little harder to get to his food or treats.

2) Play Games!

Normally, playing fetch is limited to outside. Well, when it’s freezing outside, there’s nothing wrong with playing fetch inside as well! Just make sure to move the fragile items and maybe use a softer ball. Also, hide and seek is a great way to stimulate your dog physically and mentally. Have a friend or family member hold your dog and allow you to hide. Then let your dog try hard to come and find you!

3) Indoor Classes and Dog ParksDog in the snow

Don’t forget about those indoor dog facilities! Just because your normally dog park is covered in snow doesn’t mean there’s no place for your canine to run around. Find a local indoor dog park! They normally have sessions available throughout the winter months, and they also offer classes to keep your dog mentally stimulated as well.

4) Pet Supply Store

Not only do a lot of dogs enjoy car rides, they also love the pet supply store! So, take a few extra trips and bring along your dog. Not only will they walk around and burn energy, but there’s so much to see and smell that they’ll be exhausted just from that!

5) Just Go Outside!

Finally, just go outside and let your dog have fun! Tons of dogs love the snow. They love to jump around in it and bury their face. Just take all the necessary precautions and make sure to have water available. Just because it’s not hot outside doesn’t mean your dog can’t be dehydrated! We know it is no fun for the human companion to sit out in the cold, but let’s not punish your dog for that. Bundle up and watch your furry friend have a ton of fun!

Even with these tips, it’s important to understand that your dog can’t just stay indoors the whole time. These activities have to include your daily walks and routines. Not only is it good for the dog’s physical health but also mental health, even if the walk is a little more brief than before.